Glasgow Blackjack Punter Wins Largest-Ever Grosvenor Casino Jackpot


A local player was lucky enough to with the biggest Grosvenor Casino jackpot prize that has been ever won in the country. The punter took home an overall prize of £73,887.27 from the Merchant City-based Grosvenor Casino.

The massive winning of over £73,000 was generated at the Ace King Suited table game.

The jackpot winning comes only seven days after a massive jackpot winning estimated to £53,000 was taken down by another Grosvenor customer at the brand’s Riverboat casino.

Over the last couple of years, the Grosvenor Casino brand, which is currently one of the oldest and largest UK-based casino venues chain, reported that ten players have managed to generate massive cash prizes in Glasgow. Since 2015, the amount won by the punters in Glasgow has been estimated to £105,000.

The general manager of the casino venue in Merchan City, Debbie Johnston, commented on the player’s winning, saying that everyone at the casino were very happy with the fact that it was the Ace King Suited progressive side bet offered at by the casino brand brought the player the largest jackpot ever won at this particular casino venue.

Ms. Johnston shared that there are many other customers of the brand who have won jackpots across the UK, so it was a great thing that the Grosvenor Casino Merchant City became one of the venues that accounted for reaching the £320,000 milestone of winnings generated with the brand.

Currently, the Grosvenor Casino Merchant City offers a great selection of casino games to its customers, including blackjack, roulette, tournament poker, three-card poker and Texas Hold’em cash game tables. Slots machines and 28-inch HD electronic roulette terminals are also available.

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