Classic slots may indeed sport a significantly more humble design than the majority of their younger, more advanced siblings called video slots, but they are still just as eagerly played all over the world. As classic slots feature a more simplistic and old fashioned look, they inspire a tinge of nostalgia in players with their familiar fruit symbols, lucky sevens, traditional bells and bars.


A Brief History of Classic Slots


Just because classic slots don’t feature Free Spins or second-screen bonus rounds as their more developed descendants, it doesn’t mean you can’t win large jackpots on classic slots.


On the contrary, people have been snatching big wins on classic slots since the very beginning of slot machines. The original classic slots called Bell Machines, Fruit Machines and One-armed Bandits have been known to turn penniless players into rich people ever since their invention in the late 19th century. In one way or another.


Namely, the very first slot machines didn’t pay out in cash; they handed out winnings in the form of bubble gum. The gist of it was: if you happened to hit three cherry symbols on a slot machine, you’d be given a stick of cherry-flavoured gum. Hit three melons? You’ve guessed it – the prize was melon-flavoured chewing gum. Such action wasn’t merely a fun novelty and a treat; it was also a precaution against anti-gambling laws that were in effect at the time.


To this day classic slot machines have remained something of a fascination. Hardly anyone who walks into a casino for the first time can resist the urge to pull the level of an One-armed Bandit and rejoice as they listen to the sound of coins clinking on top of each other.


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